Hillcrest Christian Academy will not re-open for the 2016-2017 school year.

The school is closing.

I cannot overstate what a difficult decision this has been for all involved. Our hopes were high that our year long, varied, and extensive marketing efforts would result in greatly improved enrollment but this has not happened.

The simple truth of the matter is we see no way to conduct operations next year in light of the very low enrollment, challenging operating costs, and greatly diminished resources that have massively subsidized the school this year and in the two previous years.

We are so very sorry. We wish the decision could have been made sooner and we wish we could have communicated it sooner. We were doing our best to keep the school open for next year but we are, finally, left with no other choice but to close.

In the end, one thing is clear. Every day, students were brought into an environment that was absolutely an academic expression of the love of Christ. This has had impact and will continue to bear fruit in these little lives for years to come. We so very much thank you for the incalculable privilege of being allowed to know, love, teach, and serve your children at HCA. You and your children have had an impact upon all of us that will always remain.

With love, prayers for your children,
and goodbyes,

Michael E. Partain

Headmaster, Hillcrest Christian Academy